• Agile and efficient customer service
  • High Quality
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Experience and Knowledge
The company

Fornax was founded in 2009 by software architects who believe in managing the company’s growth in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Following successful overseas projects, the founders decided to expand operations to Europe, with offices already established in Lisbon and Dublin.

Specializing in software architecture consultancy, project management, on demand development and system integrations, our goal is to clearly identify business needs, proposing simple but smart and agile technology solutions.

Fornax’s team is qualified, experienced and committed, creating high-quality deliverables, along with and personalized customer service.


Automate processes, facilitating the integration between the human factor and the business. Improve control and management of processes by offering IT solutions tailored to customers’ and partners needs.


Be recognized as the best technology solution provider. Aggregate value to our customers through the delivery of high-quality projects.


Ethics • Customer Respect • People Respect • Social, environmental and economic responsibility • Transparency • Technologic Innovation