Fornax Technology has expertise in many business segments, meaning we have a holistic view of processes, technologies, people and how they relate. Therefore, we can propose tailored solutions and complete support to achieve success.

Software Architecture’s initial aim is an in-depth understanding of requirements and business needs, including timing and cost. This allows the mot appropriate technical solution to be proposed.
The professionals at Fornax Technology are different. They not only focus on the project delivery, but also in understanding our customers’ goals and strategy. It helps to understand the context of the requirement better and helps to discover collateral gains.
To help your company to increase productivity, revenue and efficiency, Fornax Technology can provide project management consultancy on projects or more permanent demands.
We use a robust project management methodology, based on the best market practices. This methodology sustains our strategy and covers all the projects facets, like project strategy, task selection and prioritization, human resources, productivity, planning and processes optimization.

We offer IT consultancy, based on our experience of projects and agile methodologies, using Scrum, XP, Kanban and classic project management (aligned with the best practices proposed by PMI).

Fornax works with highly skilled, experienced and certified professionals to offer exclusive consultancy. We are not only focused in proposing the best solution, but also in proposing something realistic and tailored to your specific business needs.

Key factors:

  • High-performance solutions
  • Elevated quality
  • Punctual with deliveries and agreed milestones
  • Differentiated support